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Pro Retailer Tools

Welcome to Coliseum’s Professional Retailer Tools

We’re busy.  You’re busy.  We all have 300 things to do that take 10 minutes each, which books us all solid until about 2036.  Brendan, Paul and I have been at this for a long time.  We’ve found out how to do everything wrong.  But in doing so, we’ve discovered a few things that have worked out pretty well.

So welcome to our humble site – who are we kidding, this site is awesome if you’re a retailer!  We have downloads that will give you:

  • What Came In sheets to hand out to your customers.
  • Monthly Quick Pick sheets that highlight some of the most sellable items in Previews each month.
  • Quarterly Subscription Sheets.
  • Special Flyers for event-driven titles
  • Monthly PowerPoint slides highlighting some of the best items from Previews


Every week select members of our staff exchange files and e-mails going over the books on FOC. Coliseum will now open up our comments and suggestions to you.  We know that every store is different but comics as a whole sell in similar fashion throughout the comic retail world.  I can’t guarantee that we’ll be right 100% of the time but we seem to get it right more often than not.


Every Coliseum had 48 of the 52 New DC #1s on the stands when #2 came out.  We probably wouldn’t have sold out of the other four if Detective, Animal Man, Batgirl & Nightwing hadn’t reached $10 on eBay within a few weeks!


Periodically, one of us will add something about sales, retailing, layouts, customer service, or anything else that crossed our collective minds that we feel might need to be laid out in digital print.  We’re talkin’ real pearls of wisdom here!

About us

Coliseum of Comics is a chain of 5 stores in Central Florida.  We opened in February of 1983, which makes us almost old enough to responsibly hold down a job.  We have 3 stores in plazas, one in a mall, and one in a downtown storefront.  This gives us a wide range of demographics to draw from and extrapolate numbers from for the benefit of the entire chain.

We also sell games, statues (love ‘em), some action figures, and every supply you need for comics or card games.

Phil Boyle, CEO
Brendan Boyle, General Manager
Paul Varner, Vice President