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FOC 01.28.13

FOC 01.28.13 DC Universe Presents: The gallery says bump this a bit but the numbers are pretty low already. I’m thinking a 50% bump for the Arsenal appearance, which still puts this in the lower tiers of DC books for orders. Hellblazer: The conclusion of the 300 issue run. Order up a bit as final issues and anniversary (100, 200, etc.) tend to sell up. Ordering an additional 25%. Justice League Vibe: I’m ordering at 50% of Justice League and pulling aggressively for our subs. Expecting a lot of resistance but Geoff did make people care about Aquaman, one of the lamest characters in comic history. We should have a better idea on this after Justice League of America ships but until then, this gets better treatment – and orders – than it probably deserved. DC offered an ordering incentive: Order 75% of Justice League of America #1 (DEC120183) and get an additional 15% discount. Doesn’t work for me but check your numbers. Nightwing: Not DOTF – won’t feature the trade dress even though it’s an epilogue. Basing numbers on #14, which was pre-DOTF. Red Hood: Not DOTF as above. Very strong cover that will appeal to Batfans even without the DOTYF trade dress. Ordering 150% of #14, which was pre-DOTF. Sword & Sorcery: Hasn’t this been canceled yet? Ordering exactly what I sold in week 1 in hopes of getting ahead of the precipitous drop. Fever Ridge: I’m a sucker for WWII books but this doesn’t speak to me. I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of excitement around this one and will be a tough...